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Sweet Treats

There are few people who can resist the seductive powers of sweet-tasting foods. A shiny shell of chocolate hiding a fluffy cloud of fresh cream filled with either orange blossom or peppermint, dark chocolate hazelnut crinkles, Irresistible chocolate fruit tarts or a simple cookies. When you need to have something for your dianty tea or coffee time treat our artisanal, regional Italian cookies and chocolate will provide you with a delicious full-flavored taste.

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Package of Amaretti Cookies Amaretti Cookies
Standard Price: $12.00
Box of Assorted Majani Chocolates from Italy Assorted Chocolates
Standard Price: $25.00
Package of Gluten-Free Cookie Gluten-Free Cookie
Standard Price: $15.00
Jar of Jasmine Flower Confit Jasmine Flower Confit
Standard Price: $6.50
Lavender Flower Confit Lavender Flower Confit
Standard Price: $6.50
Bottle of Lavender Syrup Lavender Syrup
Standard Price: $14.00
Lemon Biscotti Lemon Biscotti
Standard Price: $9.00
Bottle of Orange Blossom Water Orange Blossom Syrup
Standard Price: $16.00
Jar of Rose Petal Flower Confit Rose Petal Flower Confit
Standard Price: $6.50
Rose Syrup Rose Syrup
Standard Price: $24.00
Taralli Wine Taster's Crackers Taralli Wine Taster's Crackers
Standard Price: $11.00
Bottle of Violet Syrup Violet Syrup
Standard Price: $14.00