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Orange Blossom Syrup
Bottle of Orange Blossom Water

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Orange water is a versatile cooking ingredient that appears in cuisines ranging from northern African stews and soups to European cookies and pastries. It is made from the blossoms of the orange tree, giving it a delicate, perfume-y aroma. The fragrance of orange blossoms wafts throughout Liguria, where orange blossom water has been used for centuries. Made by seven generations of the same family, the tradition and history behind this incredible Orange Blossom Water ensure that cooks today can enjoy the same level of quality and taste as the generations before them.

Use this gorgeous Orange Blossom Water when making cakes or cookies-- a few drops added to the batter will transform it to a whole new level. It also makes a delicious addition to cocktails-- try some in a spin on the classic Gin Fizz! Pastry chefs love to use it for delicate icings, as well as to drizzle over pound cake or to flavor scones. Just a drizzle over fresh strawberries transforms simple fruit into an elegant dessert.

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