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California Olive Oils

Our premium California extra virgin are all hand selected, certified and versatile. The olive came to California around 18th century, when Spanish missionaries planted olive trees at each of the 21 missions they established between San Diego and Sonoma. By the mid 19th Century, there was a thriving olive oil industry in California. The industry languished, however, throughout much of the 20th century, until a new generation of health-conscious Americans rediscovered the flavor and benefits of olive oil. Of the 350 agricultural products produced in California, olive oil is one the most dynamic. In late autumn, after most of California's other crops harvested, California's olive oil producers prepare for their harvest and milling season.

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Mission Extra Virgin Olive Oil Early Harvest, California Mission EH California
Standard Price: $22.00
Olio Novello, , Private Reserve, California Private Reserve California
Standard Price: $28.00