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Portuguese Olive Oils

Our premium hand selected Portuguese extra virgin olive oils simply are the best and versatile. Olive growing is a significant activity in Portugal. Although there are remnants and presence of the olive tree from bronze age, it would have been the Roman, and later Visigoths and Arab that contributed mostly to the development of its cultivation. Today there is a whole new trend and focus on selective varieties and the quality olive oil production that is giving the rise to a vast array of excellent high quality olive oil. Although the dominated cultivars are still Galea Vulgar, Cobrancosa and Madural indigenous to the Tras-os-Montes region in north however, there are some rare varieties like Carrasquinho or Cordovil in Alentejo with their exceptional organoleptic properties that are produce and consume locally. Shop and enjoy our best portuguese olive oils available in the market.

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Bottle of Arbequina Portugal Extra Virgin Olive Oil Arbequina Portugal
Standard Price: $18.00
Bottle of Cobrancosa Portugal Extra Virgin Olive Oil Cobrancosa Portugal
Standard Price: $18.00
Bottle of Picual Portugal Extra Virgin Olive Oil Picual Portugal
Standard Price: $20.00