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Lavender Syrup
Bottle of Lavender Syrup
Standard Price: $14.00

Our artisanal Epicerie de Provence Lavender Syrup is an all natural, beautiful and delicious flavored syrup straight from the picturesque countryside of France. With so many uses, this syrup adds a wonderful and unexpected gustatory surprise!

Our line of Epicerie de Provence syrups are a great addition to your gourmet pantry. The Lavender Syrup is a great addition when baking pastries, pancakes and muffins with our Organic Crushed Blood Orange extra virgin olive oil, or in desserts such as cheesecake or panna cotta. It is great to use in milk shakes, and makes a great addition to homemade ice cream! Experiment with it in different cocktails, especially with champagne...the possibilities are endless!

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