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Greek Olive Oils

Our premium hand selected extra virgin olive oils simply are the best and versatile. Olive oil is a staple of the Mediterranean diet and the base of the Greek cuisine. It is considered to be the healthiest product that nature can offer. Despite the abundance of olive groves now scattered across the world, in both northern and southern hemisphere, most olive oil continues to come from the Mediterranean. Today the production of olive oil in Greece is based on numerous small farm scattered across the country. The extensive shoreline of over 15000 km favor olive tree cultivation. Greece, even though quite small, is still holding the third place among olive producing countries. Peloponnese and the island of crete are the main production region. Koroneiki is a chief cultivar in all area while athenolia, tsounati, throumbalia, chalkidikis and maniki are comprise the differences. We are dedicated to offer our clients with the best of all region base on their availability.

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Premium Koroneiki Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Greece Koroneiki Greece
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