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Balsamic Signature Collection

If you are looking for information on Vinegar, ranging from many its uses to the history of this versatile product ...you have come to right place! Our premium naturally aged certified balsamic vinegar simply are the best and versatile. Our novelties like our Signature collection are produced in a micro batch using the Solera Method on a very limited scale. Solera is Spanish for " on the ground" but universal for quality. Barrels of vinegar are stacked according to age and funneled from the top set of barrels to the bottom. Developed in Spain. The Solera Method consist of transferring vinegar through various barrels. Some aged up to 100 years. Our balsamic are all certified and honored with four 4-Leaves and all are GMO and Gluten Free. They are free of food coloring, added sweetener or additives at the end of the aging process.

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