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Foglie di Mais (Corn Cookies)
Package of Foglie di Mais (Corn Cookies)

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Our Foglie di Mais are light and crunchy biscotti, with their delightfully crispy texture coming from the premium local corn flour used. Primo Pan specializes in using only the finest local, top-quality ingredients in their productions and bake all of their biscotti in small batches using centuries-old perfected recipes. Their famous Foglie di Mais are made using stone-ground corn flour, honey, eggs and sugar, all from local sources. The result is a delicious crispy, crunchy cookie.

Our deliciously crispy and crunchy Foglie di Mais are the perfect any-time biscotti. We love to dip them in sweet wines, such as fragrant Moscato d'Asti, for an easy dessert or afternoon pick-me-up. Their deliciously crunchy texture makes them perfect for dipping in teas or cappuccino in the afternoon. For a fun, hands-on dessert, create a sandwich-type cookie by layering some of our Chocolate Hazelnut Spread or any of our fruit jams between two cookies - fun and delicious for kids and adults alike!

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