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Fruit suspended in a gel. The Language of fruit spreads is a peculiar one. Spreads made from the squeezed-out remnants of oranges, berries, grapes, and other mashed-up foods can easily be confused for one another, with jam vs. jelly being a particular source of befuddlement. Here's how to keep them straight. Jelly the refined of the bunch is made solely from the juice of fruit. The fruit is crushed and strained, and the liquid extract is boiled with added sugar and pectin to produce a thick, spreadable topping. Jam are a compote that's let itself go a bit. It is produced in similar way, but with one important distinction: It's not strained. The goop leaves in chunks of crushed fruit , giving the spread a more robust consistency. Our premium preserves and james are all artisanal and they make a best topying when you entertain with varieties of aged cheeses.

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Amarena Cherry Jam Amarena Cherry Jam
Standard Price: $13.00
Jar of Calabrian Fig Preserve Calabrian Fig Preserve
Standard Price: $14.00
Jar of Licorice Jam Licorice Jam
Standard Price: $13.00
Jar of Organic Quince Jam Organic Quince Jam
Standard Price: $8.00
Pear Moscato Wine Jelly Pear Moscato Wine Jelly
Standard Price: $15.00
Jar of Rose Petal Preserve Rose Petal Preserve
Standard Price: $22.00