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Carmalized Fig Preserve
Jar of Calabrian Fig Preserve

Standard Price: $16.00
This Product: 8.12 oz

Nothing says Calabria like figs! The rich, concentrated flavor of this caramelized fig preserve starts with fruit grown in the arid soil of Calabria, in southern Italy. Its intensified flavor can best be described as Smokey, nutty, and sweet all at once. Created by Paradiso di Golosi, a small factory run by two brothers and their family in the small town of Buonvicino, Cosenza, Calabria, this preserve is unlike any you have ever tried!

Try our Calabrian Fig Preserve with your next cheese plate; it will transform everything from simple goat cheese to tangy Gorgonzola! Looking for a new appetizer idea? Check out ours-- Flank Steak with Goat Cheese on Toast, over on our Blog. A dollop of our Calabrian Fig Preserve adds the perfect hint of rich, sweet flavor! It is also the perfect secret ingredient to add to your reduction sauces for meats, especially pork, along with our Fig Balsamic vinegar.