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Organic Plum Preserve
High quality plum Jam

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This Product: 250 GM

This exquisite Preserve made of high quality plum and hand crafted by Annalisa Torzzilli of Il Molino organic farm in Italy. Black plums from the county grow in the hills of Lazio to create a luscious dark red jam with a delicious balance of sour and sweet. This jam contains no additives or preservatives, so you can feel good about using this jam daily. This organic black plum has high level of vitamins C and K, mineral content like potassium, Calcium, phosphorus and magnesium plus laxative properties. Enjoy this culinary delight by mixing it in with yogurt, spreading it on toast or as a filling in a layered cake or breakfast bar. Artisanal made in Lazio, Italy.

Use this jam as a cake filling, spread it on a pound cake or add it to your vanilla ice cream and more.