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Ligurian Pesto
Jar of DOP ligurian Pesto

Standard Price: $11.00

A raw and unpasteurized pesto made with DOP (Protected Designation of Origin) Riviera Basil from Liguria grown just east of Genova where pesto originated in 1800s. Also made with Grana Padano cheese. This bright and flavorful fresh is ideal for Ligurian pasta such as Trofie or Croxetti. A perfect balance of sweet basil and cheese.

There are so many ways for our ligurian Pesto to shine! Use it as a sauce with any pasta; reserve some of the cooking water from the pasta and toss it with our Capricci or Spaghetti. A drizzle of our Organic Crushed Red Hot Pepperoncini extra virgin olive oil adds even more delicious heat! Our Pesto is also delicious over meats, especially grilled steak or lamb chops. And it can be used to give any sauce more flavor.

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