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Spaghetti Hand Made
Package of Spaghetti Hand Made Pasta

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Our Spaghetti made by Marella is hand-made, making each individual strand in the package unique. Only Marella shows this incredible love for the art of pasta-making and attention to detail; they use only local, Certified Organic ingredients in their pastas, and use traditional methods to make their creations. The result is an incredibly textured pasta that swells slightly when it is cooked, that cooks perfectly al dente and that has a delicious taste unlike any other dried pasta.

Spaghetti may be the most famous cut of pasta, but our Marella hand-made Spaghetti is in a class of its own. Its texture when cooked makes it perfect to serve with any type of sauce, from a simple Tomato Basil to a pesto to a cream sauce. A classic Italian midnight snack is Spaghetti Aglio e Oglio, or Spaghetti with Garlic and Oil. Try our version-- cook the spaghetti al dente and toss with our Organic Roasted Garlic extra virgin olive oil, some red pepper flakes and chopped fresh Italian parsley. Delizioso!

Organic is much more than merely a label or a certification. Organic stands for quality and conviction-- for the responsible use of nature's resources.

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