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Lemon Stringozzi
Package of Lemon Stringozzi

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This Product: 1.1 lb.

Our gorgeous Lemon Stringozzi is a square-cut long pasta, accented with citrus flavors from fresh lemon juice and lemon essential oil. It is similar to spaghetti or bucatini, but with a square shape and a tantalizingly hearty texture. The addition of lemon juice and essential oil gives the pasta a light, fresh quality you can't find anywhere else!

Our Lemon Stringozzi boasts an alluring flavor combo, making it a natural with seafood and delicately flavored dishes. Try it tossed with shellfish, Casina Rossa's Sea & Salt (with grated Bottarga), basil and mint. Drizzle with some of our Organic Crushed Whole Fruit Meyer Lemon extra virgin olive oil to really carry the flavors through! Our Lemon Stringozzi is also fantastic with Asian ingredients, such as bok choy and chili peppers. Of course, a simple drizzle of our Italian Pescarese extra virgin olive oil can be all you need to make this a scrumptious, light lunch or dinner. All in all, it is a five-star pasta favorite!

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