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Gluten-Free Corn Riccioli Pasta
Package of Gluten-Free Il Macchiaiolo Corn Riccioli Pasta

Standard Price: $11.00
This Product: 1.1 oz

Our entirely gluten-free Il Macchiaiolo Corn Riccioli pasta is made from 100% corn flour, making it a delicious alternative to wheat pasta. Hand-crafted by the pasta artisans at Il Macchiaiolo in Italy, our Corn Riccioli Pasta has the same texture and consistency of traditional wheat pasta, and even cooks up al dente (unlike other wheat-free pastas!), ensuring the same delicious experience.

The swirly, curvy shape of our Il Macchiaiolo Corn Riccioli Pasta ensures that it wraps around sauces and captures chunks of it in its curves. We love it with any of our Tomato Sauces, like our Tomato Basil or our Tomato Arrabbiata Sauces. Of course, it is also delicious when prepared simply with our Organic Coratina extra virgin olive oil from Italy, Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese and fresh basil.

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