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Wheat Free/Gluten Free Eliche Corn Pasta
Wheat Free/Gluten Free Eliche Corn Pasta

Standard Price: $7.00


Also known as Fusilli, our Gluten-Free Eliche Corn Pasta is so good, you will mistake it for regular wheat pasta! It comes from an ancient mill in the Veneto region of northern Italy, where the main crop is corn. There, Le Veneziane has perfected the art of making gluten-free products with corn that are both delicious and satisfying!

We love our Gluten-Free Eliche Corn Pasta anywhere as a substitution for wheat pasta! The frills and swirls of the Eliche capture sauce beautifully, so it is a natural to serve it with a tomato sauce, like our spicy Arrabbiata or classic Tomato Basil. For a simpler dish, drizzle with our Organic Butter Infused extra virgin olive oil and serve with a grating of Parmigiano-Reggiano - perfect also for little fingers to enjoy!

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