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Barnea Australia
Barnea Australia

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Barnea olives are an Israeli variety originally from Kadesh-Barnea, a place in the south of Ancient Israel. Out of the proverbial 40 years of Wandering in the Desert, almost 38 years were spent in Kadesh-Barnea. Usually the place is looked for in the Sinai Desert, and the preferred location is about 18 miles south of el-Arish on the Mediterranean coast. Barnea olives produce oils with notes of sweet almonds and sometimes banana. Some of the best Barnea extra virgin olive oils come from Australia, where olive cultivation and oil production have been perfected, and our Australian Barnea is a terrific example.
Aroma notes of apple. Mild fruity flavor with a hint of almond and apple overtones. In addition to the mild flavor, the low fatty acids and peroxide levels make Barnea olive oil ideal for baking.
Pairs well with fruitier balsamic vinegars like our Strawberry, Black Cherry or Blueberry balsamic. Ideal as vinaigrette.
100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil; Single Flavor Limited

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