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Picholine Australia
Picholine Australia
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Picholine olives are among the most common in France, where they originated. Sometimes called "The Olive of De Provence," Picholine is now grown and produced in Australia, where the olives thrive in the Southern Australian soil and climate. This extremely fresh artisan oil is a fine example of the Picholine variety. Estate grown and crushed within four hours of picking, this oil was produced from the fruit of very young trees. It took more than 24 tons of olives to produce only four tons of oil.
Bright fruity aroma with a complex flavor profile. Creamy consistency. Smooth yet lingering finish.
Pairs well with our Traditional, Black Currant or Pomegranate Balsamic vinegars. Ideal as a finishing oil for drizzling on seafood or pasta; as a dressing for a Nicoise salad, popular French salad featuring tuna and hard-boiled eggs.
100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil; Single Flavor Limited

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