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Salami Cutter
Salami Cave/Cutter

Standard Price: $68.00


If you can't get your hand on meat slicer then this is the best Salami Cutter ever! Now you could hand cut salami like a pro.
Fine French craftsmanship supporting creativity, inventiveness and flexibility remain the keywords of the company. Laguiole line Founded in 1859, by Andre Verdier and still being crafted in Thiers, in the heart of the Laguiole region. Andre Verdier Cutlery is a French master cutlery maker of professional knives, kitchen knives and kitchen utensils as well as table knives, flatware and gadgets. Each piece is masterfully crafted from stainless steel and finished sumptuously with stainless steel bolsters, five rivet handles and the traditional Laguiole bee. Expert balance, superior durability and maintenance free. Each piece is provided with a certificate of authenticity.

The harder or more dry style cured meat like prosciutto or coppa, can be quite a challenge. A sharp knife is just the first thing. This salami cutter Knife is must have and it comes with a cave where you could save the rest of your cure meat in there! It is the perfect gift for any true meet lover!

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