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Cooking in the Moment
The New Vegetarian Cooking for everyone

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This is our favorite reference for all things on the fly with a year of seasonal recipes.
Andrea Reusing is a cook first, but in the rest of her life she is an eater.
This book is a year of cooking from spring through winter for friends and family at home using mostly ingredients from nearby. Many of the recipes included here are impromptu, some are from friends, and one is cribbed from Girl Scout camp.

Most of these recipes are a mix of childhood favorites, standbys that can be prepared quickly, simple restaurant dishes and celebration dishes to feed a crowd. Some are so simple that they don't really qualify as recipes, and that is the point! Most of the ingredients used in the recipes are basics available nearly everywhere, when in season. And while the action takes place here in North Carolina, the kinds of producers and artisans featured -farmers, ranchers, cheese makers, fishmongers, butchers, and bakers-work and live almost everywhere, producing the flavors that we crave.

- Broccoli & Cauliflower gratin with aged raw milk cheese
-Fresh OSSABAW HAM- Roast fresh ham with cracklings
- Cast Iron-skillet fresh trout with cornmeal
-Wild shrimp with peas and rice stew
-Asparagus feast- Asparagus with butter and soy
-outdoor birds Hen and dumplings
-Warm fresh mozzarella with grits, grilled radicchio, and balsamic
-Log Crown Mushrooms- Roasted shiitake mushrooms with garlic oil
-Strawberry Ice Cream
-Lemon Verbena-Good Dirt
-Chilled berry pudding with cream
-Broiled ripe figs with warm ricotta and honey
-Braised chard with fresh hot chilis
-Clay pot cooking
-Roasted Japanese turnips with honey
-Juicy satsuma orange cake

This book is the book that give you a foundation in the kitchen. It is the seminal book that with each successful recipe you cook encourage you to attempt another.

Andrea Reusing: It turns out that I was as clueless about food as I had been about plumbing. Now I think of cooking in the moment as focusing on one meal at a time. Any icy, spicy cucumber soup on an August night, A glass of tangerine juice on a frosty morning or soft braised short ribs with horseradish on a gray fall day. Cooking and eating in the moment allows food in season to become a reason for celebration.