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Arbequina Portugal
Bottle of Arbequina Portugal Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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The Arbequina olive is originally from the town of Arbeca, in Lleida, Spain. The tree is relatively small and produces petite oval-shaped olives. The Arbequina olive is among the most approachable varietals known for producing delicate sweet and fruity flavors with a balanced pungency and clean taste. These oils are dense and fluid, reminiscent of butter. While high-quality, the oil is not very stable in storage and should be consumed within 8 months of purchase.

Our Arbequina extra virgin olive oil has a distinct fruitiness, with a balanced pungency; notes of ripe tropical fruit, apple, and fresh artichoke come through when tasting this yellow-golden oil.

Pairs well with a sweet balsamic vinegar like the Coconut, Black Cherry, Blueberry, or Tangerine when dressing salads with a tropical flair-- try arugula with fresh mango, chopped bell peppers, black beans and seared scallops or grilled shrimp. Also works well in a dessert application.

100% Monocultivar Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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