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Peranzana- Italy
Bottle of Peranzana Limited Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Standard Price: $18.00


The Peranzana is a pure cultivar of olive, not a hybrid. The name "Peranzana" is a transformation of the name "Provencal," or "coming from Provence." Grown in the beautiful rolling hills of Italy, the Peranzana cultivar produces a mild oil, with distinctive floral notes in regards to aroma and an elegant balance of almond, artichoke and tomato overtones. The Peranzana tree does not need to be matured over time, and it is consumable immediately after extraction.

A sweet, fruity flavor with notes of artichoke associated with a hint of green tomato and almonds makes this gorgeous oil a best choice for all kinds of salads and seafood.

Try the Peranzana in Nicoise salad, featuring blanched green beans, hard-boiled eggs, tuna, tomatoes, black olives, and potatoes on a bed of crisp lettuce-- mix the Peranzana with our Barrel-Aged White Wine vinegar, Dijon mustard, garlic and fresh basil to dress this beautiful summer salad. Sprinkle over gazpacho or other vegetable soups for a taste of the Mediterranean; use a drizzle to add an elegant finishing touch to grilled or broiled fish and other seafood.

100% Mono-Cultivar Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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