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Mustard with Grape Must
Jar of Mustard with Grape Must

Standard Price: $11.00


Made from pressing grapes (skin, seeds and all), grape must has a rich, sweet flavor, and is more dense than filtered and processed grape juice. It is used in cooking to add rich sweetness without using sugar. This delicious artisanal mustard from France is made richer and slightly sweeter by the addition of grape must. The result is a unique, delectable condiment full of flavor!

Use our Mustard with Grape Must when making stuffed grilled fish, with plenty of aromatic herbs. It is also terrific alongside roasted potatoes and beef. Combine it with our Cognac Mustard, a little garlic and our Organic Crushed Herbs de Provence extra virgin olive oil for a delicious and aromatic spread perfect for roasting pork tenderloin.

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