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Cognac Mustard
Jar of Cognac Mustard

Standard Price: $22.00


Meaux Pommery Mustard has been served at the tables of French kings since 1632 and made by the Pommery family according to a closely-guarded secret family recipe since 1760. Our Cognac Mustard us an amazingly smooth and tasty whole-grain mustard, prepared by carefully crushing mustard seeds and adding spices. The addition of French cognac beautifully complements the flavors of the mustard and adds a subtle richness.

Our Cognac Mustard is a must-have for all those who love mustards! The combination of the cognac with the whole grains of the mustard seeds makes it a perfect complement to grilled meats. It is delicious served along the side, or makes a fantastic rub - simply mix it with some extra virgin olive oil (we love it with our Spanish Arbequina) and herbs like rosemary, basil and thyme, and spread over a steak or roast before cooking. Serve with roasted potatoes and French green beans for a truly authentically French and delicious meal.

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