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Itrana GM, Italy
Bottle of Itrana Extra Virgin Olive Oil Italy

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Native Italian cultivar of olive, our organic Itrana extra virgin olive oil comes from Itrana olives grown in the sun-drenched Central part of Italy's Lazio. These precious, fleshy olives were hand-harvested and pressed within a few short hours of being picked. The D.O.P. designation stands for "Denominazione d'Origine Protetta" -- Protected Designation of Origin -- a high honor in the country with the world's highest standards for olive oil, in an area renowned for its olive oil for thousands of years.

The Itrana olive is unusual in that it ripens later than usual, in March and April instead of November, with the resulting oil bring creamy, buttery and fruity. The aroma is fruity, with overtones of tomato, artichoke and fresh-cut grass, and the oil has a delightfully bitter, pungent taste to it. The beautiful green/golden color of the oil rounds out this treat for the senses.

For a delicious oil to dip crusty artisan breads, add some fresh herbs-- just like the favorite corner Italian restaurant! For a gorgeous sweet-tart dressing or marinade for chicken, pair our Itrana with our Pear, Pomegranate or 12 Years Traditional Balsamic vinegar; for those special occasions, pair it with any of our fruit Puree vinegars and let your taste buds enjoy!

Organic is much more than merely a label or a certification. Organic stands for quality and conviction--for the responsible use of nature's resources.

100% Mono-Cultivar Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil D.O.P.

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