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Citrus Fall Reserve Black
Citrus Fall Olive Oil Balsamic Vinegar Gift Set - Black

Standard Price: $50.00
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Our Signature Collection gift sets are perfect for those who love premium vinegars and extra virgin olive oils. Bottled in our elegant Signature Collection glass bottles and packaged in our gorgeous black Signature Collection gift box, this set makes a thoughtful hostess or birthday present, as well as a unique corporate gift.

This Citrus Fall Reserve Gift Set includes six 40ml bottles:

3 Extra Virgin Olive Oils:
Organic Crushed Blood Orange
Roasted Almond Oil
Caninese Reserve, Italy

3 Balsamic Vinegars:
Champagne Reserve
OO&B Signature Reserve 1330

Our Citrus Fall gift set is bursting with a mix of sweet and savory, refreshing flavors. Use our Organic Blood Orange extra virgin with our Tangerine Balsamic to dress dark green salads, with baby spinach, baby kale, walnuts and feta or goat cheese. As a marinade, it works exceptionally well with seafood. For something lighter, use our Roasted Almond Oil with our Champagne reserve over arugula, cucumbers and heirloom tomatoes. As a finishing oil, our Italian Caninese Reserve is exquisite; a drizzle over homemade pasta, grilled vegetables or simply with crusty baguette is all that you need to feel transported to the Mediterranean.

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