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Summer Peach White & SR 1300 Signature Blue
Premium Balsamic Vinegar Gift Set, Peach and Reserve Balsamic

Standard Price: $40.00


Our Signature Collection gift sets are perfect for those who love premium vinegars. Bottled in our elegant Signature Collection bottles and packaged in our gorgeous blue Signature Collection gift box, this set makes an elegant hostess gift or thank you present, and also makes a unique corporate gift.

This gift set comes with two 100ml bottles of our Signature Collection vinegars - our Summer Peach White Balsamic and our OO&B Signature Reserve 1300 Balsamic. Our Summer Peach White provides refreshing, crisp, fruity flavor, with our Signature Reserve 1300 rounding it all out and providing elegance, stability and dense, woody flavor.


With both ends of the flavor spectrum satisfied, this gift set makes a versatile and enjoyable choice. Use our Summer Peach White to sprinkle over fruit salads, peppery arugula or to make a refreshing summertime spritzer with sparkling water and fresh mint leaves. Use our Signature Reserve 1300 when looking to add a touch of elegance; a simple drizzle over vanilla ice cream or poached pears makes a luxurious dessert, while a drizzle alongside exotic meats makes the perfect accompaniment. You are sure to find so many ways to use these incredible Signature Collection vinegars.

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