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Honey & Hot (Acacia Honey with Hot Pepper)
Honey & Hot (Acacia Honey with Hot Pepper)

Standard Price: $14.00
This Product: 3.5 oz

Southern Italy is known for its love of hot pepper (peperoncino) and Casina Rossa has combined hot pepper with silky Acacia honey in a dynamic, subtly spicy condiment!

Our Honey & Hot is perfect for drizzling over cheese (think cream cheese or goat cheese) with cracker or baguette for easy appetizers. For a flavorful and unique dessert idea, drizzle over vanilla or chocolate ice cream, making the ultimate sweet-and-spicy treat. Our Honey & Hot is also ideal for spicing up barbecue and other sauces; it is inspired over sweet corn, sweet corn ice cream and panna cotta.