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Wheat Free/Gluten Free Penne Corn Pasta
Wheat Free/Gluten Free Penne Corn Pasta

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Our Gluten-Free Penne Corn Pasta from Le Veneziane is definitely some of the best gluten-free pasta we've ever come across. Penne is such a popular shape for wheat pasta, and here Le Veneziane has produced a gluten-free corn version that tastes so good and has such great texture, it is virtually impossible to distinguish from regular wheat pasta. It comes from an ancient mill in the Veneto region of northern Italy, where the main crop is corn. Le Veneziane has perfected the art of making delicious gluten-free products without skimping on flavor or texture!

Penne is an extremely versatile pasta shape, and we love to use our Gluten-Free version anywhere we would regular wheat penne. Its size and shape means it holds sauces very well; anything from tomato sauce to pesto to a cream sauce tastes delicious with this Gluten-Free Penne. We especially love it with some of our Artichoke Pesto with halved cherry tomatoes and artichoke hearts; add some chicken for a hearty meal! Of course, a drizzle of some of our Organic Caninese extra virgin olive oil from Italy also makes an exceptional complement to our Gluten-Free Penne, along with some fresh basil and a grating of Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese.

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