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Spanish Saffron

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Spanish Saffron is some of the most fragrant available. It's strongly perfumed with a sweet aroma of honey and aromatic flavor that imparts the perfect amount of bitterness.
Traditionally used in rice couscous, stews and coffee. At harvest time, the beautiful orange-yellow filaments of the crocus flower are carefully extracted by hand, resulting in saffron with a lingering perfume and a slightly bitter flavor.

This excellent Saffron is especially delicious with roasted lamb, steamed mussels or in homemade foie gras. It's also extraordinary when mixed with citrus juice (lemon and orange) and drizzled over a salad of pears and apples on Frisee lettuce. On our Blog you'll find a recipe for Chicken Scallopine with Saffron Cream Sauce! And be sure to check out our pasta section for our delicious Stringozzi Pasta with Saffron.