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Saffron & Salt
Jar of Saffron & Salt

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Standard Price: $22.00
This Product: 3.5 oz

From the breathtaking Abruzzo region of Italy comes this incredible salt blend. It is a mix of premium sea salt and saffron; every jar contains an exotic blend of quality dried saffron and natural filaments of saffron. Beautifully orange in color with deep red strands of saffron running throughout, our gorgeous Saffron & Salt reflects one of Abruzzo's great food traditions.

This aromatic and very flavorful salt blend is perfect for adding a hint of rich flavor anywhere it is desired. Try adding a pinch to your rice dishes for full, deep flavor; when cooking pasta, add it to your cream sauces and pour over our incredible handmade spaghetti! Sprinkle over chicken breast or steak before grilling to add rich, earthy flavor without any hassle. A pinch also of our Saffron & Salt also seasons roasted potatoes and vegetables perfectly; finish them out of the oven with a drizzle of our Pesto Infused extra virgin olive oil and the tastes will burst open in your mouth!

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