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Santo Domingo Paprika
Santo Domingo Paprika

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Our artisanal Santo Domingo Paprika is a smoked paprika from La Vera, in Extremadura, Spain. Coarse-ground by stone mills to maintain low temperatures and preserve the pepper's organoleptic properties, it has achieved Spain's prestigious D.O.P. designation, meaning "Protected Denomination of Origin." Grinding is monitored by eye to achieve the right degree of fineness and color.

Widely known throughout Spain and the rest of Europe, especially in Hungary, smoked paprika is a condiment that is used in all types of dishes; our Santo Domingo Paprika, however, is one of the best we have ever come across! Deep red in color, it adds a smoky, sweet flavor and a deep red color to foods. It is excellent in soups, especially goulash; it also is delicious when mixed in with other herbs and spices to make homemade sausages. On our Blog you'll see it in Flank Steak with Goat Cheese for an easy appetizer. Santo Domingo Paprika can also be sprinkled over foods to add sweet, smoky flavor wherever it is desired; you'll see it on our Blog in our Truffle Mac & Cheese!

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