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Picual Australia
Bottle of Picual Australia Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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This Product: 375ml


Picual is the most important olive variety in the world and is the most widely cultivated variety in Spain. Olive oil produced from Picual olives has a fruity flavor with hints of almond and an aroma of apple. Compared to the Chilean or Spanish Picual, the Australian Picual is milder in flavor and consistency.

This Picual features mild aromas of apple and ripe tomato; it has a fruit forward and nutty flavors with hints of almond on the palate. With a light, buttery consistency, it finishes with a fresh, tart and gentle peppery flourish.

Our Australian Picual is extremely versatile as a dressing or dipping oil. It complements a number of our balsamic vinegars, softening the vinegars' tartness while bringing their flavor to the forefront. As a dressing, pair with our Strawberry, Black Currant, or Pear Balsamic vinegars for delicious results.

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