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Aged Apple Vinegar- Reserve
Bottle of Aged Apple Vinegar - Reserve

Standard Price: $25.00


Our premium aged apple is simply the best and versatile.Our aged Apple Vinegar is hand-crafted using a centuries-old tradition. Obtained from an artisan, slow aging and acidification of cooked 100% apple must, this delicious elixir has an intense aroma and fresh, fruity taste. Born from carefully selected ingredients and a completely natural fermentation process, the result is a special taste and flavor experience.

Our signature Aged Apple Vinegar makes the perfect addition to sauces and reductions for chicken and pork. It is delicious with vegetables, shrimp and shellfish, omelets and other onion based dishes. Add this vinegar to a glass of sparkling water or shaved ice for a delicious and refreshing treat!

Hand crafted exclusively for OO&B in Italy. Certified, Gluten Free, No additives, No preservatives.

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