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Hot Pepperoncini Olive Oil
Bottle of Pepperoncini Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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This Product: 375ml


Heats up Mediterranean recipes such as sauces and seafood dishes or even your beloved Steak. Slow roasted chili and our premium olive oil infused together to capture the warm and sweet overtone yet it is the capsaicin compound that gets the glory at the end. One taste you'll be hooked. Buttery and smooth in consistency and alive with chili flavor. This masterfully infused olive oil is one of our top seller. To guard against aches and pains, respiratory conditions and even mental ailments like depression make sure savor all types of chili peppers whenever you can with caution.

Our Red Hot Pepperoncini extra virgin olive oil has all the sharp heat of these chili peppers, which is primarily noticeable as you swallow. Bursting with color and aroma, this buttery-textured infusion is both beautiful and delicious!

Use our Red Hot Pepperoncini extra virgin when marinating steaks to add lots of flavor, or brush it on grilled chicken or seafood. Drizzle over grilled vegetables or pizza for a spicy meal! Pair it with our Sicilian Lemon and Mango White Balsamic for your next ceviche or pot roast project.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil | Pepperoncini Chilis | Infused | Hot & Spicy | All Natural | Non GMO | Vegan | Free of additives or preservatives.
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