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Mustard with Espelette Chili
Jar of Mustard with Espelette Chili

Standard Price: $11.00


The espelette is a type of chili pepper that is grown mainly in southern France, near the border to Spain. It is prized in the region for the flavor and subtle spice that it gives to the foods it is used with. Paired here with the delightful sharpness of a French mustard, it makes for an exciting and flavorful condiment.

Our flavorful Mustard with Espelette Chili is so versatile! Use it as a spread for sandwiches, with thinly sliced meat, tomatoes, fresh arugula and Swiss cheese. Pair it with dried herbs (like our Herbs de Provence), our Spanish Arbequina extra virgin olive oil and sea salt for a delightful rub for beef, and serve alongside oven-roasted potatoes and vegetables.

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