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Linden Blossoms Honey
Raw Honey

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This Product: 8.8 oz

This exquisite raw honey comes from the Veneto mountains of northern Italy , the region of Italy where Padova is located. Its abundance of natural beauty has made it an area made famous for its honey, and this is one of the best single style honeys anywhere! Grown in organically-attended orchards, the Linden Blossoms Honey is well known for its relaxing properties and is the perfect sweetener for your herbals drink. Linden trees are commonly found in the padana plain of northeastern Italy, where the Piccolo family of bee keepers live and operate.

Because of its rich flavor, our Linden Blossoms Honey from Veneto is the best accompaniment to your morning whole wheat toast, muffins and pancakes or Herbal Drink. It is also a great choice to subtly sweeten your afternoon tea or coffee. Our Linden Blossoms Honey's richly sweet flavor makes it an excellent choice to use when baking as an alternative to sugar.