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Laguiole Steak Knives
Steak Knives with Hell Horn Handle

Standard Price: $475.00


One of a kind with 6 pieces Hell Horn Handle!
The bumblebee that is found on all the Laguiole knives is one of the emblems of the area, signifying its reliability. The blade, made of high-grade stainless steel, is stamped, then ground and then polished with over 25 different manual production stages. If you have ever tried to tear into a juicy sirloin with a butter knife or your teeth, you totally get the importance of a good set of steak Knives. Steak knives are a table knife which has a serrated edge and sharply pointed tip. This allows the diner to easily cut through tough cooked meat at the dinner table, such as steak without resorting to hacking or shredding the meat. A quality steak knife is not an unwelcomed luxury, it is a necessity in every kitchen. Material, style and function, balance and ergonomics along with type of edges are what you need when you are looking a right set.
This rare set comes with Certificate of Authenticity along with a wooden gift box.

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