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Picual Spain
Premium Picual Spain "Organic " Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Picual is the most important olive variety in the world and is the most widely cultivated variety in Spain. The little houses huddle on a hills that rises above serried ranks of olive trees. Grove upon grove stretching as far as the eye can see. The Interior part of Spain specially the region of Jean is the kingdom of Picual. Olive oil produced from Picual olives has a fruity flavor with hints of almond and an aroma of apple. Our organic Picual is estate grown, cold pressed with high level of polyphenols, Tocopherols, Phytosterols, and Terpenic acid. Hand harvested and custom milled exclusively for OO&B!

This fine Spanish Picual is characteristic of its variety, featuring a bitter and fruity flavor with a note of raw green apple in its aroma. The Spanish Picual has a surprising peppery bite that comes through delightfully when used raw. This oil has a light greenish/goldish color while it's raw apple, walnut husk and or green tomato surprise your palate.

The Spanish Picual is one of our most popular finishing oils. Use this charming extra virgin on marinated meats and vegetables to seal in flavor before cooking. Mix it with our Huckleberry White Balsamic vinegars for fresh, sweet-yet-tart dressing to splash over crisp greens. It is fantastic on an aged-old breakfast specialty known as "Tostn Molinero" Miller Toast!!

100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil | Mono-Cultivar | Spain

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