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Grilled Fennel
Jar of Grilled Fennel

Standard Price: $9.00
This Product: 10 oz

This vinaigrette-packed fennel will fast become your favorite easy appetizer. Thinly-sliced grilled fennel is resting in a delicious white wine vinaigrette, packed with herbs and spices. Grilling the fennel brings out the natural sweetness and flavor of the fennel, and softens its bright licorice flavor.

Our delicious Grilled Fennel has so many applications. Try it in appetizers; it is ready to be paired with blue cheese, sliced meats or smoked fish. Add some to your next salad, especially with arugula, fresh herbs, orange wedges and oven-roasted beets; dress it with some of our Italian Organic Coratina extra virgin olive oil and our Traditional Balsamic vinegar.

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