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Grilled Bell Peppers in Oil
Jar of Grilled Bell Peppers in Oil

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These are absolutely the best grilled bell peppers we have ever tasted outside of Italy! These red and yellow peppers were prepared like they do in central Italy by burning the outside of the pepper until fully cooked inside, then peeling it, slicing it, and serving it with spices and olive oil. Delicious! They are lovingly made in the area of the village of Cori, south of Rome.

These incredible Grilled Bell Peppers are so much easier than making them yourself at home! They make the perfect addition to antipasto platters, alongside an assortment of olives, mozzarella cheese, our Grilled Artichokes and prosciutto. They are also delicious added to pasta dishes; include them in your next pasta al forno with our Ziti pasta from Marella, or add them to your pasta salad with our Farfalline Zebra.

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