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Gluten-Free Il Macchiaiolo Rice Riccioli Pasta
Package of Gluten-Free Il Macchiaiolo Rice Riccioli Pasta

Standard Price: $11.00
This Product: 1.1 oz


This gluten-free, wheat-free 100% rice Riccioli Pasta allows alternative home chefs and pro chefs to expand their use of this delicious and versatile pasta in the kitchen. Its delicate shape wraps around sauces and provides a great texture with visual appeal. Lovingly crafted by Il Macchiaiolo in northern Italy, the quality ingredients used and the centuries-old technique ensures a delicious pasta that cooks up just as well as traditional wheat pastas.

With its frilly, curvy shape, we love our Il Macchiaiolo Rice Riccioli Pasta with any kind of sauce. It is delicious when mixed with any of our tomato sauces and Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese. Its swirls and ridges also capture chunks of pesto beautifully, and the delicate rice flavor and the texture act as a great accompaniment to the richness and full flavor of pesto. To still see the gorgeous light color of the pasta yet still have the same great flavor, we love to drizzle it with our Pesto Infused extra virgin olive oil.

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