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Fleur De Sel
Jar of Fleur De Sel

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Discover this unique, delicate flakey Camargue Fleur De Sel from the pristine provinces in Southern France. Only a few weeks of the year when the sea, air, and winds balance perfectly, the salt "Fleur" raises to the top. It is a hand-harvested sea salt collected by workers who scrape only the moist, flaky, and textured kernels that form on the top of the salt beds. This delicate salt is comprised of larger kernels with more mineral complexity than table salt. Featured in The New York Times, Gourmet, Food and Wine, O Magazine and many others, it is used by foodies and 5-star chefs the world over. The name Fleur De Sel comes from the aroma of violets that develops as the salt dries. Each signature container is sealed with a cork top and signed by the Salt Raker who harvested it.

Used as a finishing salt rathe than cooking, Sprinkle this on scrambled eggs to pasta dishes, cooked vegetables to pates and roasted meats, Camargue fleur de sel is the ultimate way to enjoy the true flavor of everyday cooking. Just a dusting on hot and buttery or juicy foods releases its incredible suite of natural aromatics to make even mashed potatoes into pure heaven! Sprinkle over popcorn and finish with a drizzle of our specialty White Truffle extra virgin olive oil to take it to the next level! Roasted vegetables, especially fennel, mushrooms and zucchini taste magical when seasoned with this beautiful briny overtone.

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