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White Truffle Olive Oil
Bottle of White Truffle Olive Oil

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Truffle is one the most expensive foods you can buy, The reason behind such high costs is the scarcity of the produce. It is a seasonal and edible fungi. And the white truffle (Tuber Aestium) the diva of this family is rare and hard to find. The best region for white Truffle is Pimonte, Umbria, and Tuscany in Italy. White Truffle is far from the only thing that sets them apart from other varieties, their light hue more creamy color, aroma and sometime texture is completely different

Our Premium white truffle oil is subtle, savory and mouth-watering. Many perceive a note of garlic in its complex flavor and aroma, mingled with its faint mushroom flavor and rich, buttery under tones. Milder than our Black Truffle, this treasure will make your mouth water!
Use this delectable finishing oil sparingly to finish soups, sauces, potatoes, or pasta. Drizzle it gently over appetizers, cooked meats or pizza as they head to the table to add a hint of white truffle flavor. Or use it to add a gourmet twist to homemade French fries. Looking for an update on a comfort food classic? Check out our Blog for a scrumptious Truffle Mac & Cheese!

Extra Virgin Olive Oil | Infused | White Truffle | All Natural | Free of additives or preservatives
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