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Fennel & Salt
Jar of Fennel & Salt

Standard Price: $20.00
This Product: 3.5 oz

From Tuscany's verdant Arno Valley, this instant best-seller is a combination of top quality sea salt, fennel seeds and organic fennel pollen; other spices such as black pepper, oregano, white pepper, laurel, grass pepper, curry, thyme, juniper, pimento and mustard round out the flavor of this aromatic and delicious salt blend.

Its slightly sweet-and-salty flavor and herbaceous aroma make this an invaluable condiment for earthy salads featuring various wild mushrooms, spring onions, and new potatoes, dressed with our Juniper or Violet Balsamic vinegars and our Organic Crushed Sage extra virgin olive oil. Sprinkle over any kind of cooked vegetables to add instant flavor and aroma-- whether grilled, roasted or steamed, our Fennel & Salt blend will help to accent the natural flavor of the vegetable. It also adds magical flavor to bruschetta, pastas and grilled meats, especially pork.

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