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Dried Mountain Oregano in Branches
Wild Mountain Oregano

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These branches of Mountain Oregano come from Campania, along Italy's western coast. Home to stunningly picturesque landscapes, such as the island of Capri, the Amalfi Coast and Mt. Vesuvius, this area is known for its rich culture, especially in regards to gastronomy. These branches are meticulously hand-picked, sun- and air-dried, ensuring a high quality of taste and freshness.

This intense bouquet of Mountain Oregano is ideal for cooking chicken or seafood, especially when cooking the whole fish. Dried oregano lends itself extremely well to soups and sauces with a Mediterranean flair; finish them with a drizzle of our Organic Crushed Oregano extra virgin olive oil to round out the flavors of your dish. Or do as the Mediterraneans do, and hang the branches above your stove-- they also add a beautiful, rustic decorative element to your kitchen!