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Crushed Oregano
Bottle of Crushed Oregano Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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A staple herb in Mediterranean cuisines and known to have a significant health benefits from fighting bacteria to reducing inflammation.
Wild oregano and early harvest olive milled together to carputer the beautiful aroma of this versatile olive oil. Our high-quality crushed extra virgin olive oils are a culinary delight. Buttery and smooth in consistency and alive with flavor, as historian tell oregano is connected to happiness.

This popular and delicious oil has the sweet flavor of fresh oregano combined with the mild, buttery taste of olive oil. A favorite Mediterranean herb, oregano brings out the freshness of the foods it's used with, and this delicious Oregano oil does the same thing.

Use our Crushed Oregano and Garlic or Onion extra virgin olive oils together to create a multifaceted cooking and dipping oil blend. Drizzle the Crushed Oregano directly on your favorite pasta dishes, or use it to enhance your sauces. To make a quick and easy Mediterranean dressing, pair it with our Pomogrante White Balsamic vinegar. When mixed with our Champagne reserved balsamic vinegar and Dijon mustard, the result is a delicious, elegant and easy dressing for any type of salad!

Early Harvest Olive Oil | Wild Oregano | Non GMO | Vegan | Free of additives or preservatives
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