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Basil in Ceramic Jar
Basil in Ceramic Jar

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A favorite Mediterranean herb, basil brings out the freshness of the foods it's used in, and this French ceramic jar filled with delicious dried basil is a necessary component of every Mediterranean-inspired kitchen! Dried herbs can be used pretty much anywhere you would use fresh, and are an excellent choice for soups, sauces and when roasting or grilling at high temperatures. The decorative ceramic jar will also help to keep the dried herbs fresher for longer.

Basil is a must-have ingredient when cooking Mediterranean, and this is the best-tasting dried basil we have come across! Add a tablespoon or two to your next batch of tomato sauce, or homemade minestrone soup-- it will help to bring out the Italian flavors! Add it to a rub for meats or fish and grill for a flavorful, healthy dinner. Finish your dish with a drizzle of our Organic Crushed Basil extra virgin olive oil to bring out the fresh flavors and tie your dish together. The possibilities truly are endless.

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