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1000 Flower Honey in Deco Pail
Jar of 1000 Flower Honey in Deco Pail
Standard Price: $17.00
This Product: 14oz

Bernard Michaud creates this unique 1000 Flowers Honey from an age-old recipe. Infused with the flavors of flowers throughout the Pyrenees, this rich, buttery honey is sublime! Bernard Michaud is a family owned business, devoted to the art of bee keeping and transforming the sweet nectar of bees into pure gourmet goodness. Lightly scented with flavors such as acacia, lavender and orange, the 1000 Flowers Honey is 100% natural-- nothing added, nothing taken away.

Honey lovers will delight in this artfully crafted treat! With its rich, buttery taste and consistency, coupled with the delicate aromas of fruits and flowers, this honey is the ultimate to spread on toast and pastries in the morning, or on scones and crumpets for afternoon tea. Packaged in a reusable decorative pail, this honey also makes a great hostess gift!

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