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Picudo GM Spain
Picudo GM Spain
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The Picudo olive, also called Basta, Carrasque'o, Paseto or Pajarero, is cultivated mainly in Baena, in the south of Cordoba. The name Picudo comes from its shape, a curved pointed tip with a marked nipple. The Picudo is the second-largest olive used in oil extraction, weighing an average of 4.8 grams. This organic version of Picudo is estate grown. (with PP 595)

These oils are considered very delicate with a tendency to oxidation. The flavor of the oils is soft, with an exotic fruit aftertaste. Our Picudo Gold Medal is a lovely, aromatic extra virgin olive oil. Golden with a hint of green, it is an especially hearty oil.

You'll enjoy its soft flavor and exotic fruit aftertaste, as well as the note of pepper that that chases it down your throat. Picudo olive oil is ideal in warm salads and gazpacho's. Try it with our Organic, Traditional or Black Currant Balsamic vinegars.

100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil; Single Flavor Double Gold Medal Winner

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